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Home Staging is a very avant-garde profession to speak of, but one that is extremely instrumental in the real estate business. A house is only a bare brick and mortar structure until it is made cozy enough to be called a home. Home-Stagers not only carry the expertise to proverbially turn a house into a home, but to infuse such ridiculously inexplicable magic into a living space so that you as a client cannot deny buying it.

Home-staging: The Basics
If you have an eye for interior decoration, then home staging can become something of a side-hustle for you till it expands into a full-blown business.

While the role of a home-stager may seem simple, it is anything but easy. Possessing the artistic knack to re-imagine a living space and to add more liveliness and warmth to it is a skill that takes time to cultivate, unless already present within someone hopeful of making it big within this line of work. Home staging to a house is what make-up is to the face. You need your lipstick, mascara and foundation to enhance your face's features. Similarly, a room or a living space requires furniture, ornamentation and various knick-knacks to make it glow in resplendence.

One of these many items can be strategically placed within the space of a room to make it look better:

• Mirrors
• Silk Flowers
• Floor & Table Lamps,
• Small Love Seats
• Ottomans
• Pillows
• Baskets
• Plastic Tables & Chairs
• Plants
• Area and Throw Rugs
• Inflatable Queen-Size Beds

Advantages of home staging

• It has very low start-up costs
• It provides an outlet o your creativity
• Boosts real estate business

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